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Hi, my name is Aiko. I'm a year old and I'm a Yorkie. My mommy spoils me because she loves me so much. My name means "beloved one" in Japanese. My mommy loves Japan and gave me the name as a reminder. I have a cousin that's a chiwauwah that belongs to my mommy's sister. My mommy had me since she was 16 but she's 18 now. Her birthday is three days after mine and she thinks I'm ment to be with her - she loves me that much.

My mommy gave me a MySpace so I won't be left out. She gets so happy when I get new friends since I don't get out much - mommy can't drive. So I bear with everything and hope I get praised for being cute.

24 September - 23 October

"A pretty pet that naturally blends in with its surroundings."

DOGS: You can't say no when those big brown eyes of your Libran dog plead for food at the table. Libran dogs are remarkably persuasive even manipulative. They enjoy the best that money can buy so throw away that old blanket and make sure his basket has the finest silk lining. Libran dogs hate being alone and will pine for you when you're away from home. They also need the company of other dogs and love peace and harmony in their environment. Their worst fault is that they can be ridiculously stubborn. If he doesn't want to go for 'walkies' you'll never budge him.

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Aiko No longer in pain.
Aiko added a new bulletin "Aiko has passed away".
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Aiko Finally back after... 5 years I think. A lot has happened since I was a puppy. I had puppies of my own.
Glad you came back love to be friends!
December 10, 2011
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The summer is going by fast!
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Love your friend Ewrin
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Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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happy friday photo: Happy Friday!!!! :-D 936175_10151629432013659_1488298801_n.jpg
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good morning enjoy your friday and have a great weekend

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Have a beautiful day!
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