Posted November 14, 2007 by MyersZoo

Hi PetsPlaces Friends,

We wanted to let you know that we've missed you this week. Our Mom is getting ready to go visit our cousins, sktrbuggie (aka The Holland Crew), for two weeks and she has to get herself, as well as us, ready for the time that she will be gone. We will have two sitters this time since it will be for such a long time and we wished we could sneak into her luggage and go with her. Hmmm...maybe that's not such a bad idea??? Think anyone would notice? BOL! We hope everyone is doing fine and will get lots of turkey and the trimmings at Thanksgiving dinner. We will try to get back on before Mom leaves, but it's been really hectic. We love you all! (Zoe especially sends special purrs of love and hugs to her special sweetie, JJ)

Lots of Ruffs, Licks, Purrs, Snuggles and Fishie Kisses Too~The MyersZoo

KYAN wrote at November 15, 2007
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Hope  your Mommy enjoys her trip and you all have lots of fun with the sitters.  Kyan
Princeton wrote at November 15, 2007
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Well take care little mates!!  I will miss you heaps but just make sure you have fun with your sitters !! haha  and don't get into too much mischief hehe
MaileNei wrote at November 15, 2007
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I will give JJ some of those chocolate clues that Zoe sent some of her special puurrs for him. I think he is in hiding knowing that Suki and Kiko ae due in less than a week.

Mom was going to leave us all for 2 weeks to go to Hawaii for Turkey Day but changed her mind. We all know how happy that has made me!!! I'll miss you but hope your mom has a good time too.