Posted October 11, 2007 by MyersZoo

Hi PetsPlaces Friends,

We just wanted to let you know that our computer is broken at home and that's why we haven't been on in awhile. Our Mom is sneaking on at work right now to let you know for us so no one gets worried about us. We're sorry it's been so long and we should have thought of it sooner! We should be back soon since our new computer is on its way!

Lots of Ruffs, Licks, Purrs, Snuggles and Fishie Kisses Too~The MyersZoo

lots_of_pets wrote at October 13, 2007
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Hey there Myers Zoo....we are glad that you are all okay.  We want to let you know that Momma's computer is messed up, too, and she can only get online in Safe Mode, so our computer is probably going to get sent out for repair very soon.  If you don't hear from us in a while, that would be the reason!  Have a great week!

Sophie, Sam, Keesie, Little Bit and B.J.

KYAN wrote at October 11, 2007
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Glad to know everyone is OK!  Hope you are back soon!
Princeton wrote at October 11, 2007
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Great to hear from you !!  I didn't think we could get rid of you that easy hehehe  !!  Just kidding  Smile
Sean wrote at October 11, 2007
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So good to hear from you!!