Weekly Discussion Question:Pet Clothes In or Out?
#1 April 16, 5:22 pm
I agree
I agree. Clothes on a dog probably look adorable to people but I don't know if it really matters much to a dog. It might even be kind of irritating. Some say they don't like it very much... if only I could read a dogs mind.
#2 April 20, 6:31 am
Mickey Doesnt wear clothing, only a jacket in the winter. But I still think that doggies look real cute in some of the outfits!
#3 May 3, 2:01 pm
Weekly Discussion Question:Pet Clothes In or Out?

This is the Worlds Cutest Dogs group so here is our topic of the week:

Do you dress your pets in clothes to add to the irresistable good looks?

Some think those best friends absolutely love the clothing but others greatly express how clothes on a dog are uncomfortable and unessecary.

I want to hear from you. What do you think? Pet clothing or Not?!

pets in clothing-discussion question of the week



#4 May 3, 2:01 pm
I don't wear clothing!I don't like it on me!It drives me crazy!
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